Project Showcase: Gorgeous Downtown Condo

Some spaces that we enter have such a distinct character that we do our best to make choices that will disrupt that aesthetic as little as possible. In this gorgeous downtown condo, we did a few upgrades while preserving the look and feel of the condo.

Project Showcase: Picturesque Outdoor Oasis

The scope of this outdoor oasis project included a pool house, pool, putting green, and the surrounding landscaped areas. Our primary job was to bring the amenities of the house to the outdoors, including A/V, lighting, security, and network.

Case Study: Stunning Dalton Home Theater

New construction jobs are always nice because we are able to do exactly what the customer wants without worrying about not being able to accomplish something they desire for the space. We worked on the full residence for this project, but I will focus on the rest of the house in another project showcase. The theater deserves its own walk through, as it was a big project in and of itself, and it has some great touches that I would like to detail.

Case Study: Integrated Boat Dock

We recently completed a large residential outdoor project that was broken down into several phases due to the scope of the overall project. In this phase of work, our job was to extend the capabilities of the house and pool area out to a boat dock so that it could have security, network, and audio, just like the rest of the property.

Project Showcase: Modern Home Theater

For this particular home theater project, we worked with the customer throughout the construction of his house, and we utilized Google SketchUp to create renderings of what the final project would look like. As you can see from some of the pictures where we have put the sketch above the finished product, the result was incredibly faithful to the sketches, which aided in giving our customer increased confidence in our abilities. 

Case Study: Spare Bedroom Conversion

Some rooms lend themselves to straightforward theater conversions. Others are much more challenging. In the case of this particular room conversion, we initially had one of the worst possible layouts.

Smart Door Locks: A Comparison

The advent of smart security technology means that you can keep your property safe, while also being able to open and close your home with a push of a button. Thanks to this increase in technology, you have improved control, so if you want to open your door at a specific time (perhaps to let in your housekeeper or the dog walker), you can do so without having to worry about leaving spare keys lying around.