Project Showcase: Bowman Hills Seventh Day Adventist Church

We have done installations in many houses of worship over the years, and one factor that often comes into play is the desire to maintain the beauty of the space we’re working in. In this case, our customer wanted a very large display screen, but the only logical place for it to reside would be in front of a set of beautiful windows, obscuring the stained glass that bathes the sanctuary in beautiful light.

Project Showcase: Honey Seed Restaurant

A local restauranteur who we have worked with on several other eateries was opening a new restaurant space and needed an audio system to provide audio for two indoor dining areas, a bar area, and an outdoor patio. The space also needed wiring to support the POS system that handles all transactions, and finally, it needed a reliable network.

Case Study: Integrated Boat Dock

We recently completed a large residential outdoor project that was broken down into several phases due to the scope of the overall project. In this phase of work, our job was to extend the capabilities of the house and pool area out to a boat dock so that it could have security, network, and audio, just like the rest of the property.

Project Showcase: Modern Home Theater

For this particular home theater project, we worked with the customer throughout the construction of his house, and we utilized Google SketchUp to create renderings of what the final project would look like. As you can see from some of the pictures where we have put the sketch above the finished product, the result was incredibly faithful to the sketches, which aided in giving our customer increased confidence in our abilities. 

Case Study: Spare Bedroom Conversion

Some rooms lend themselves to straightforward theater conversions. Others are much more challenging. In the case of this particular room conversion, we initially had one of the worst possible layouts.

Crestron’s Network Security: An Overview

Crestron is a brand that you may not know readily by name, but one you have likely encountered somewhere without realizing it. They provide electronic controls systems, from lights to sound to temperature controls for luxury homes, digital screens and speakers for conference rooms, and digital signs and retail displays. Crestron’s success comes from their commitment to network security, which is how they’ve won over some high profile clients.

Why You Should Pre-Wire a New Home

You might feel that, in the wireless age, pre-wiring your property is something that isn’t as necessary as it once was – but nothing could be further from the truth. Whether you’re considering being able to automate certain home processes, or having a fully automated smart home, pre-wiring is a great way to build an infrastructure – easily.

How Much Does a Video Wall Cost?

This article will provide you with a general overview of what a video wall for a commercial enterprise might cost, from a very simple video wall to a much more elaborate setup. This will help you narrow down the size, style, and price range that fits your needs and budget.