Project Spotlight: Engineering Lab

A company near Washington D.C. needed a video wall for a collaborative engineering workspace, and when we get the chance to travel for a project, we always try to make it work. Our technicians get to squeeze in a little sightseeing while out of town, and it’s always nice to expand our footprint throughout the region.

Project Showcase: Community Gate Surveillance

The head of a neighborhood association approached us wanting to upgrade the community’s gate house and neighborhood entrance security and surveillance capabilities. Their current system was outdated and could not keep up with current surveillance standards. To accomplish an upgrade, we overhauled the access control system, replaced cameras, and installed a new intercom system. 

Project Showcase: Gorgeous Downtown Condo

Some spaces that we enter have such a distinct character that we do our best to make choices that will disrupt that aesthetic as little as possible. In this gorgeous downtown condo, we did a few upgrades while preserving the look and feel of the condo.

Project Showcase: Picturesque Outdoor Oasis

The scope of this outdoor oasis project included a pool house, pool, putting green, and the surrounding landscaped areas. Our primary job was to bring the amenities of the house to the outdoors, including A/V, lighting, security, and network.

Project Showcase: Republic Centre Executive Zoom Room

It’s easy to see why this particular conference room needed two very large screens at each end of the conference table. With 20 seats, and factoring in the overall length of the room, an 86″ commercial display at each end was necessary in order for all attendees to comfortably see what is on screen. Due to the size of the screens and the height of the table, we mounted them on tilt mounts so they could tilt downward for easier viewing.

Case Study: Stunning Dalton Home Theater

New construction jobs are always nice because we are able to do exactly what the customer wants without worrying about not being able to accomplish something they desire for the space. We worked on the full residence for this project, but I will focus on the rest of the house in another project showcase. The theater deserves its own walk through, as it was a big project in and of itself, and it has some great touches that I would like to detail.

Project Showcase: Lehman Center for Heart and Lung Rehabilitation

A rehabilitation and fitness center that is affiliated with a local hospital needed a lot of Audio/Video work completed to provide music and TV for the workout spaces. Due to the size of the center, and how it is divided into separate, smaller spaces, the scope of the project wasn’t just one large room, but rather many smaller spaces within the facility.

Project Showcase: Bowman Hills Seventh Day Adventist Church

We have done installations in many houses of worship over the years, and one factor that often comes into play is the desire to maintain the beauty of the space we’re working in. In this case, our customer wanted a very large display screen, but the only logical place for it to reside would be in front of a set of beautiful windows, obscuring the stained glass that bathes the sanctuary in beautiful light.

Project Showcase: Honey Seed Restaurant

A local restauranteur who we have worked with on several other eateries was opening a new restaurant space and needed an audio system to provide audio for two indoor dining areas, a bar area, and an outdoor patio. The space also needed wiring to support the POS system that handles all transactions, and finally, it needed a reliable network.